This is mainly an information site as Sheila is no longer active in showing Boxers.

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Boxer Rescue/Welfare Home Counties Boxer Welfare
Boarding Cattery near Guildford Goose Rye Farm

Stud Dogs associated with Tyegarth Boxers

Ch. Faerdorn Pheasant Plucker
Ch. Glenfall The Gladiator

Ch. Tyegarth Blue Kiwi
Ch. Tyegarth Glenmorangie of Jenroy
Ch. Tyegarth Pacherenc at Seacrest

Other Ch./CC Tyegarth Sires

Tyegarth Fuggles at Sultash
Tyegarth Premier Cru at Glenfall

The Jacobite of Tyegarth

Tyegarth Dams

Tyegarth Angostura
Tyegarth Antiquary
Tyegarth Auchentoshan
Tyegarth Auld Lang Syne
Tyegarth Black Bubbles
Tyegarth Diplomacy
Tyegarth Farnese
Tyegarth Glenmoray
Tyegarth Old Fashioned
Tyegarth Parfait Amour
Tyegarth Prohibition
Tyegarth Russchian
Tyegarth Sauterne

Hot Hooch Of Tyegarth
Scrumpy Of Tyegarth At Ryecroft
Tyegarth Copella
Tyegarth Harbour Lights
Tyegarth Highland Mist Of Sunhawk
Tyegarth Sloe Gin

Tyegarth Exports

Brindisi of Trinaka at Tyegarth
Tyegarth Boski
Ch Tyegarth Cabernet
Tyegarth Cardellina
Tyegarth Carpineta
Ch Tyegarth Johnny Walker
Tyegarth Kestrel
Ch Tyegarth Saint Emilion
Tyegarth Swedish Concoction
Ch Tyegarth Winemaker

Tyegarth extended family members Ch Janbeau Posh Talk at Toryjo
Ch Sultash Minnie Sensation

Tudora Anniversay Rose
Tudora Mystic Maid
Tyegarth Becks at Sultash
Ch. Vizage Vesta Tilley
Yooneek Regency Stripe
Tyegarth Champions  
Ch. Tyegarth Famous Grouse


Ch. Tyegarth Famous Grouse Descendants