2016 — Boxerites from home and abroad still congregate at Goose Rye Farm

Looking back over the years

Tyegarth Whisky Galore

with Ken Broughton

Stafford Somerfield

198? Crufts judge



8 UK Boxerites drive to Germany for the Boxer Show. Recognise anyone?

Boxer Chatter — held at the Kensington Hilton the day after Crufts which was held at Earls Court.

Elvina Hudson, Paul and Viv Nicks, Gert Nielson

Joey Royle, David Spencer, Pat Withers, Ken Broughton

Bruce Cattanach visits Tyegarth

Sue (pre) Swansborough helped out at Tyegarth in the seventies - seen here with the 'soon to be famous' Bridie - aka Tyegarth Old Fashioned


Richmond 1979 - Chris Cray, Sheila, Peggy Galvin and Dave Edwards

Where, when and who are lost in the mists of time!