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Ch. Faedorn Pheasant Plucker

24 CCs, 10 RCCs,
Best In Show All Breeds,
Reserve Best In Show All Breeds,
4 x Working Groups

The biggest winner and also the most prolific producer of all the Grouse children.

Sire of:-

Ch. Britroys Game for a Laugh

Ch. Faerdorn Flash Bang Wallop  
Ch. Ryecroft The Jazz Singer  

Ch. Bailaga Rigoletto of Holwell

Ch. Revluc Runemead
Ch. Skelder Corn Dolly

Revluc Rainbow Quest of Rayfos
Pearl Pirateof Alexval
Zoshel Hot Gossip (Bitch)
Burnden Song of Sixpence
Ch. Bailaga Wennington Beck  

Ch. Bitza Shout and Roar

Ch. Sulez Whatever You Say
Ch. Sulez Whatever You Want For Manic
Ch. Faerdorn Fineas Fogg

Sunhawk Norwatch Cavalier at Lipley
Sulez Whatever Goes to Bitza
Ch. Blairmont Magic Moment  
Ch. Jacoba the President  
Skelder Pot Black  
Belowen Crown Jewel  
Grandways Rafinella  
Tyegarth Fair Game  
Sulez Sweet Sensation  
Panfield Never Give Up  
Tyegarth Angus Doddy of Trisca  
Colnmere Summer Love of Verileas  
Rustar Play for Pleasure  
Red = Champion(s)Green – CC Winner(s) — Black = RCC Winner(s)