TYEGARTH … the Legend … founded by Sheila Cartwright 1931 — 2022

an introduction by Robert McDougal (in 2010)

It was more than five decades ago when Tyegarth Boxers first graced the British Boxer show scene. In those long distant days the smaller kennels competed against the ‘high and mighty’ — formidable kennels with virtually invincible show-teams… Panfield,  Wardrobes,  Burstall,  Summerdale and Gremlin.

The young Sheila Cartwright achieved great success in the late fifties with the brindle (what else!) dog  Tyegarth Mild and Bitter who with 2 CCs and 2 Reserve CCs was considered, by many at that time, unlucky not to complete his Championship title.

Sheila’s work as a veterinary virologist with the M.A.F.F. took precedence during most of the sixties but she continued with her selective breeding programme and was rewarded with further successes in the show ring. Tyegarth Barmaid was twice Reserve CC winner to Ch. Wardrobes Wilsiclea Autumn Serenade, the top winning bitch of her day and Tyegarth Brewmaster won the Reserve CC at his local — London & Home Counties Boxer Club in 1965.

Over the years other breeds were gradually introduced into the Tyegarth homestead — Great Danes, Boston Terriers and Bulldogs — and Champions duly followed! In Danes — Ch. Tyegarth Hamlet, Bostons — Ch. Tyegarth Artful Dodger and Ch. Tyegarth Lucy Manette — and the Bulldogs Ch. Tyegarth Jacob of Kelloe (Reserve Best In Show at CRUFTS) and Ch. & Nordic Ch. Tyegarth Lucifer.

The Boxers, however, remained constant. Valentine’s Day 1978 was a red-letter day in Sheila’s life   — Famous Grouse was born and it was He who would catapult the Tyegarths into global ‘stardom’!

Sheila with Grouse winning the Pro Dog Of The Year Finals

As well as being a big winning Champion (11 CCs and 11 Reserve CCs — Working Group & two Reserve Groups plus “Pro-Dog of the Year”) he became the definitive sire of his generation and one of the most influential and dominant sires the Boxer Breed has known.

Over the years – in Boxers — a pattern has emerged on the U.K. show scene. From the post-war 1940s to the early ’50s the Panfields and Gremlins were very much to the fore and   Burstall and Felcign were always up with the winners. From the mid 1950s to the early 1970s Wardrobes reigned supreme. Then Seefeld and Marbelton became the front runners.

Life at Tyegarth was busy in the eighties

The 1980s were without a doubt the Tyegarth years. CRUFTS in particular was dominated by Grouse and his extended family… With the exception of 1984, every year from 1980 to 1990, one or more of the major Challenge Certificate award winners were sired by Grouse (who won RCC in 1980 and CC in 1981) or his full brother Ch. Glenmorangie (who won BoB in 1980) or they were the grand–sires of the principal winners.

In 1991 Sheila was honoured by the Kennel Club and invited to judge Boxers at the CRUFTS Centenary Show. She has also judged her “other” breeds — Danes, Bostons and Bulldogs at this, the most famous show in the World. She has also judged extensively overseas.

Sheila  was Boxer Breed note correspondent for  Dog World for more than a decade and is remembered for her fair, honest and impartial reporting. She has contributed several interesting and thoughtful articles for Boxer Quarterly.

She held various offices on the committee of her local club – London & Home Counties Boxer Club for more than a quarter of a century.

In the 90s mainstream showing was slowing down,  with Sheila opting for quality time at her “beautiful château” in France — others, however,  kept  the Tyegarth flag flying on the home front!

The 2005 Cotswold Boxer Club National Dog Of The Year Finals,
part of the prestigious anual ‘Boxer Event’.
Sheila with co-judges David Strachan from Australia and Shirley Butters,
pictured with their winner, Ch. Tartarian Gold Dust

Claire Kay made up Ch. Tyegarth Pacherenc at Seacrest in 1992 and Lesley Wearing and Val Moss made up Ch. Tyegarth Pink Pussycat the same year.  Long time friend Pam Broughton campaigned Ch. Tyegarth Jurançon at Glenfall to his title in 1994 and Ch. Tyegarth Muscatelle to hers in 1998.

And now — 2010. TYEGARTH — the legacy! The show results are there for all to see. The impact on the Breed was phenomenal.

On a personal level, in the ‘80’s we shared our lives with Percy Pluver — a Grouse son — now we have the “Fabulous Polly” who is old Bushy’s G.G.G.Grand-daughter. Both personalities plus — and I am sure that like all who have known/bred/owned a “Grouselet” or one of his descendants there is only this to say … “THANK YOU SHEILA”

Robert McDougal
Breed Historian

2010 residents — Tyegarth Chocoholic and Tyegarth Campanula

Sheila Cartwright — The Boxer Judging Appointments

Click on the show to read Sheila’s critique * denotes became a Champion on the day

1965 Richmond
Dog CC Ch. Phalnagrav Phoenix*
Res. CC Caerhayes Chorister
Bitch CC & BOB Ch. Makreen Tam O’ Shanter
Res. CC Gremlin Walk On

Ch. Phalnagrav Phoenix

Ch. Makreen Tam O’ Shanter

1971 Merseyside Boxer Club
Dog CC Ch. Marbelton Desperate Dan
Res. CC Ch. Seefeld Artmaster
Bitch CC & BOB Ch. Ackendene Precious Bane
Res. CC Ch. Melvich's Melissa

Ch. Marbelton Desperate Dan

Ch. Ackendene Precious Bane

1973 S.K.C.
Dog CC & BOB Dalgerry Golden Bracken
Res. CC Ch. Seacrest Drummage of Mindenwood
Bitch CC Ziggy Starlight of Winuwuk
Res. CC Braxburn Skalla

Dalgerry Golden Bracken

Ziggy Starlight of Winuwuk

1979 Midland Boxer Club (Dogs)
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Skelder Scorching
Res. CC Ch. Gremlin Summer Storm

Ch. Skelder Scorching

Gremlin Summer Storm

1980 Leicester
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Gremlin Summer Storm
Res. CC Carlox Cannon
Bitch CC Glorious Twelfth of Redfyre
Res. CC Ch. Dusky Damsel of Chellowside

Ch. Gremlin Summer Storm

Glorious Twelfth of Redfyre

1982 National Working Breeds
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Faerdorn Pheasant Plucker
Res. CC Ch. Norwatch Brock Buster
Bitch CC Ch. Biloran Miss Nancy*
Res. CC Socotra's Royal Game

Ch. Faerdorn Pheasant Plucker

Ch. Biloran Miss Nancy

1983 WELKS
Dog CC & BOB Summer Shadow of Gremlin
Res. CC Ch. Norwatch Brock Buster
Bitch CC Socotra's Royal Game
Res. CC Britroys Game for a Laugh

Summer Shadow of Gremlin

Socotra's Royal Game

1984 Scottish Boxer Club
Dog CC & BOB Sheffordian John-Joe
Res. CC Ch. Norwatch Brock Buster
Bitch CC Bucksteps Bit o' Bother at Jenroy
Res. CC Trywell Twelfth Night

Sheffordian John-Joe

Bucksteps Bit O’Bother at Jenroy

1985 Bournemouth
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Rayfos Cockrobin
Res. CC Ch. Marbelton Dressed to Kill
Bitch CC Ch. Norwatch Slightly Sozzled*
Res. CC Walkon Wotta Smasha

Ch. Rayfos Cockrobin

Ch. Norwatch Slightly Sozzled*

1986 East of England (Peterborough)
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Katar Dancing Shadows
Res. CC Tyegarth Angus Doddy
Bitch CC Ch. Skelder Pot Luck*
Res. CC In The Buff at Bucksteps

Ch. Katar Dancing Shadows

Ch. Skelder Pot Luck

1988 Working Breeds of Wales
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Glenfall The Gladiator
Res. CC Ch. Norwatch Sunhawk Raffles
Bitch CC Blupines Forest Fern
Res. CC Sunhawk Norwatch Bardot

Ch. Glenfall The Gladiator

Blupines Forest Fern

1991 CRUFTS (Centenary Show)
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Bitza Shout And Roar
Res. CC Ch. Carinya Rye 'N ' Dry
Bitch CC Ch. Comedy of Errors from Skelder
Res. CC Ch. Bucksteps Honeymoon

Ch. Bitza Shout And Roar

Comedy of Errors from Skelder

1992 British Boxer Club (Dogs)
Dog CC & BOB Private Eye at Blupines
Res. CC Ch. Carinya Rye ‘N’ Dry

Private Eye at Blupines

Ch. Carinya Rye ‘N’ Dry

1995 Mancunian Boxer Club (Dogs)
Dog CC Ch. Faerdorn Fineas Fogg
Res. CC Ch. Huttonvale High Command at Seacrest

Ch. Faerdorn Fineas Fogg

Ch. Huttonvale High Command at Seacrest

South Wales Boxer Club (Bitches)

Bitch CC & BOB Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk
Res. CC Secret Romance at Sandyne

Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk

Secret Romance at Sandyne

1997 Birmingham City (Bitches)
Bitch CC Ch. Parthanes Heatwave at Janbeau
Res. CC Ch. Faerdorn So Glad for Sulez

Ch. Parthanes Heatwave at Janbeau

Ch. Faerdorn So Glad
for Sulez

1998 Essex & Eastern Counties Boxer Club (Dogs)
Dog CC & BOB Norwatch Sunhawk Showtime
Res. CC Kirany Lord of Dreams

Norwatch Sunhawk Showtime






Kirany Lord of Dreams

2000 Midland Counties
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Roamaro Fun In The Sun with Walkon
Res. CC Shakatans Resolution
Bitch CC Bucksteps Broderie Anglaise
Res. CC Walkon Betwix ‘N’ Between

Ch. Roamaro Fun In The Sun with Walkon

Bucksteps Broderie Anglaise

2002 W.E.L.K.S. (Bitches)
Bitch CC & BOB + Group 4
Ch. Steynmere Just So
Res. CC Redmol Rio Rita

Ch. Steynmere Just So

Redmol Rio Rita

2003 Leeds
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Tartarian Gold Dust
Res. CC Ch. Hilthorn Gold Blend
Bitch CC Ch. Roamaro Maiden The Shade with Walkon
Res. CC Ch. Redmol Rio Rita

Ch. Tartarian Gold Dust

Ch. Roamaro Maiden The Shade with Walkon

2006 Anglian Boxer Club (Dogs)
Dog CC & BOB Ch. Belvern Premenition
Res. CC Marbelton Star Chaser

Ch. Belvern Premenition

Marbelton Star Chaser